Cake Smash Photography: A Way to Collect Memories for Parents

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Are you a new parent? Are you planning cake smash photography for your toddler’s birthday? Generally, a cake smash photo session is for babies’ birthdays. However, it is also a milestone session celebrated when your child turns one year. A cake presents to smash or devour during the session while the photographer records the occasion. Always search for cake smash photography near me to get it done before the baby’s mood gets spoiled.

Who offers to smash photography services?

It is unique photography offered by newborn or family photographers. Sometimes, photographers bring smash cakes on their own or ask parents to get one for their kids. Smash photography is so fun to do and tricky to capture the perfect pictures.

Incredible ideas for smash photography

As cake smash photography is a milestone session, it should be memorable. New parents always want to capture every step of their toddler incredibly. Look at some tips that will make smash photography perfectly special.

1.   Props and colors

Primarily, babies attract by props and colors. So having different props around them can help you make them sit at a particular place. Same as multiple colors around them will make their mood happy. Also, it will make your photography memorable.

2.   Perfect time for cake smash

Sometimes, babies are unpredictable, make surety to set genuine reactions for how long will it take. But if the kid is easy to handle, you can surely get the best pictures. So plan your smash photography for at least two hours to get a realistic reaction from the kids.

3.   Cake for smashing

The selection of cake for smashing is significant. Look for a pink cake if there is a baby girl or blue if there is a baby boy. Although besides colors, a cake also must be attractive or eye-catchy, so the baby gets ready to smash it. Make a simple, fun cake.

4.   Background for photography

When you are looking for how to do cake smash photography at home, always go for the option of a unique setup. Perhaps the most candid style for the background is a plain, light-colored wall. Additionally, if you want to have a different style, you can move to the option of outdoor family photography.

5.   Lights

Use soft natural light for a light, a bright and happy appearance perfect for cake smash photography. Look for a location in your home with enough natural light—a vast north or south-facing window can help you escape the harsher light.

6.   Catch all the angles

To make this photo session real, catch all the angles for your cake smash photography. Whether capturing all the actions done by the baby, be sure to include wide medium and close-up shots in every scene. Adding various photos while telling the story can be memorable for the new parents.

The bottom Line

Cake smash photography can fit perfectly in the life of parents. They will remember the time when the shot completes for the rest of their lives. Likewise, photographs taken at the time of the cake smashing will remember when they are older. 4 baby ultrasound and photography is one platform that provides professional services in the relative field.


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