3D Sonogram: Its purpose

3d sonogram dallas

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3d Sonogram: A 3D (three-dimensional) ultrasound scan shows detailed pictures of your baby. Doctors recognize these pictures visually by the orange or golden color and details of the baby’s face; nose, eyes, mouth, etc. Therefore, a 3d sonogram is helpful to look at the heart and other internal organs. As an outcome, some clinics use 3D ultrasound scans, but only when medically necessary.

What Can You See on 3D Sonograms?

With multi-dimensional ultrasound imaging, doctors can fully understand the spatial relationships of the anatomical parts they are looking at and better assess a particular condition, like:

Facial anomalies:

A cleft lip is one example. In this condition, the tissue from each head side does not join entirely at the lip, leaving a gap. Although a 2D scan may indicate the issue, a 3d sonogram Dallas offers a better view of the range of the split.

Placental issues:

3D ultrasounds provide an image of the placenta, but they can also help assess its vascularization, volume, and blood flow depending on the technology used. A 3D sonogram can also look at the placenta’s placement in the womb, particularly in placenta accreta, where the placenta grows deeply into the uterine wall.

Congenital heart disease:

A 3d sonogram Dallas makes it easier for doctors to interpret scans of the fetal heart anatomy. But it depends on technology usage; a 3D/4D ultrasound baby ultrasound can even explore how the heart correlates with the pots and structures.

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