Medical applications of 4D ultrasound Scanners.

Medical applications of 4D ultrasound Scanners.

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Ultrasound scanning is a crucial medical tool that can provide images of many different body organ systems and internal fetal anatomy. It uses high-frequency sound waves, also known as sonography, to produce images of slices through the body. While there is a misconception that ultrasound can only reveal a child’s gender. However, in reality, its applications are far more advanced and critical for medical purposes. With the advancement of medical science, traditional ultrasound has advanced towards more efficient technology, the 3D and 4D ultrasound.

Clear Ultrasound Result.

The blurry and non-detailed ultrasound images are history now. With 4D ultrasound Tyler TX services, we can capture a clear picture of an unborn child with complete facial features. This new and advanced technology helps doctors confirm gestational age and the estimated due date of delivery. In addition, it also helps to track blood flow through the placenta, ensure the baby’s upright position, confirm sufficient amniotic fluid is present and monitor the baby’s developing organs’ response and their size.  Through 4D ultrasound, medical science is able to help unborn babies receive medical treatment in their mother’s wombs. That’s not all! With this scientific miracle, people can easily video the entire ultrasonic procedure and preserve it for a lifetime.


4D ultrasound is an incredible breakthrough in medical science. The ability to monitor an organ or unborn baby gives the doctors leverage in treatment if necessary. Doctors can use 4D ultrasound equipment to treat severe illnesses in various specialties and make diagnoses. They are preferred by surgeons for image-guided treatments and surgeries such as drug-ultrasound stroke treatment, focused ultrasound surgery guided by magnetic resonance, and ultrasound elasticity testing. In addition, unlike 2D or 3D ultrasound, with 4D ultrasound, live motion and tracking of organs in real-time are possible, which is a massive leap in modern medical science, especially for pregnant women.

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