Blood Test – Is It Possible To Find Your Baby’s Gender Before Birth?

baby gender blood test near me

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Blood Test: Yes, it is possible to find your baby’s gender before his birth through a baby gender blood test near me, usually known as NIPT (Noninvasive Prenatal Test). A NIPT is a non-harmful medical procedure because no instruments or tools enter the body of the pregnant woman. All pregnant women can take this blood test after the 10th week of pregnancy, and the results of these tests have been proven to be 97 to 99% accurate. This blood test is also use to check about the chromosomal conditions of the baby, such as Down syndrome (but it doesn’t test for all chromosomal conditions).

Benefits of the NIPT blood test.

  • The test is noninvasive. This means that no instruments or tools they interest into the mother’s body, and the tests is done only by drawing the blood.
  • Unlike other tests, NIPT is perfectly safe for the mother and the child and has no risks of miscarriages.
  • The test is available at a very early stage in the pregnancy (starting from the 10th week).
  • This test can also tell the gender of the baby if the parents are willing to know.

How does this blood test work?

The mother undergoes a simple blood draw, and then the blood is sent to a register medical lab for analysis. The fragments of DNA from the mother’s placenta are then they count. And this is possible because these fragments of the mother and the baby are floating freely in the blood. By counting these chromosomes, the doctors are able to tell if the baby. Is likely to have any disorders and the gender of the 4 baby ultrasounds.

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